Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Answer many questions about the system

Yes, there are multiple ways to add items to the system,

  • Author new items directly in the system.
  • Import items using pre-designed templates.
  • Upload items in the QTI format.
  • Connect to another system's database and import items directly.

The system boasts a cutting-edge mechanism called multi-dimensional mapping. This feature offers versatile classification and mapping options, allowing you to categorize items in various ways based on factors like difficulty, learning outcomes, skill area, item type, tags, question source, and more.

Yes, Apply Mapping elements in the system could vary between: 

  • No mapping 
  • Basic Mapping to Learning Activity only 
  • Intermediate Mapping : map Items to Learning Objectives etc.
  • Advanced mapping: understand Multidimensional mapping & apply it, & customize it if necessary 

Different Users can view exams results, and psychomotor analysis reports based on their role and permissions. 

No. students can conduct test in online & Offline mode without any issue.

QQ safeguards your assessments ensuring test integrity and accurate results. 

Impenetrable Testing Environment:

  • Total Device Lockdown app & Secure Browser: across All devices, from desktops to smartphones, run exams within a secure-browser, eliminating browser extensions and unauthorized access.
  • Shuffled Items and Options: Exam content dynamically adapts, preventing rote memorization and ensuring fair testing for all.
  • AI & Live Proctoring


  • Verified Credentials: Students prove their identity before accessing any test data.
  • Password Protection: Choose unique passwords for each student or, if needed, a single password for all.
  • Oath Token Security: Every communication between user and server is encrypted and authenticated, fortifying every step of the exam process.

With QQ, you can rest assured that your assessments are impregnable to cheating and inaccuracies. Focus on measuring true learning, not worrying about security breaches.

Yes, We provide students app for Android, IOS and Harmony Operating systems.

Yes, QQ does support VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Yes, Out of the box QQ can be integrated with BlackBoard and other major LMS.

Yes, We provide integration services and not limited to:

  • Bannar
  • E-register
  • PeopleSoft
  • Active Directory
  • SMS Gateway
  • And others

Yes, QQ can be can be used without integration with any other system.

we offer multiple options of:

  • hosting the system on our secure hosting services
  • hosting the system on your preferred international hosting services provider such as Google, AWS, MS Azure.
  • hosing the system on your own data centre (on-primes)

We can tailor features and reports to perfectly fit your unique educational and technical needs, ensuring assessments that are highly relevant and actionable.

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