Terms and conditions

License Agreement

Terms of use of the QQ testing system:

  • Acceptance and Consent: All users must read and agree to these terms and additional terms relating to the QQ testing system before using the system.
  • Project use: The QQ testing system should only be used for permitted purposes associated with training and assessment. It is forbidden to use the system for any illegal or immoral purposes.
  • Intellectual Property: Users must respect the intellectual property rights related to the QQ testing system. It is forbidden to copy, distribute, publish or use any part of the system without the prior express permission of the owner.
  • Personal accounts: Each user must have an individual personal account in the QQ testing system. It is forbidden to share or transfer personal account information with others without permission.
  • Decent behavior: Users must maintain decent behavior and respect instructions for use and system policies. It is forbidden to harass, harass or offend other users or the technical support team.
  • Confidentiality and privacy: Users must maintain the confidentiality of personal information and data related to tests. Users undertake not to disclose this information to unauthorized persons.
  • Responsibility: Users are fully responsible for their use of the QQ testing system. The system is used at the user's own risk.
  • Results and data: The user of the QQ testing system has his absolute totality related to the results and data collected or generated by the system. Innovative Technology Company or its employees are prohibited from using, copying, publishing, distributing or modifying these results and data without the express permission of the owner.
  • Intellectual Rights: The QQ testing system has intellectual property rights, including patent rights, trademark rights and copyrights. Customers and users must respect these rights and not be allowed to manipulate or infringe on the intellectual property rights related to the system.
  • Usage: Customers are granted a non-transferable license to use the QQ testing system. Customers and users may not rent, sell, distribute or license the system to others without the written permission of the owner.
  • Disorder: Customers and users are prohibited from attempting to gain unauthorized access or tamper with or damage parts of the system. Any attempt to hack or attack the security of the system is a flagrant violation of the terms and conditions, and the company that is responsible for the system has the right to refer to them legally requesting moral and material compensation.
  • Updates and modifications: The owner reserve the right to make updates or modifications to the QQ testing system without prior notice on his servers.
  • Confidentiality of information: The owner of the QQ testing system is obligated to protect the confidentiality of customer and user information. Strong security standards are used to prevent unauthorized access to personal information. Information is processed and stored in accordance with the approved privacy policy.
  • Use of Information: Customer and user information is used only for the purposes of use for which it was contracted, and the information will not be disclosed to unauthorized third parties except in cases required by law or required by judicial order.
  • Data preservation: Strong security measures are taken to protect customer and user data from loss, unauthorized access, or damage. Data is retained for a limited time in accordance with the requirements approved by the Company and the approved record retention policy.
  • Legitimate exceptions: The owner of the QQ testing system has the right to disclose customer and user information in legitimate cases, such as advertising the system with other customers, executing judicial orders issued, protecting intellectual property rights, combating fraud or maintaining security.
  • User Responsibility: Users are responsible for keeping their personal account information confidential and securing their passwords. Users must not share any of their account information or with the information of a third person or make it available for unauthorized access. Precautions should be taken to secure user accounts and avoid their use by persons other than authorized persons.
  • Security measures: The owner of the QQ testing system implements technical and physical security measures to protect the information of customers and users and encryption techniques and secure protocols are used to control the transmission and storage of data.
  • Breach Notices: In the event of a breach of confidentiality of information, the QQ Testing System owner will take immediate action to restrict unauthorized access and fix security vulnerabilities. Affected users will be promptly informed and guidance will be provided to protect their personal information.
  • Responsibility for correct use: Users must refrain from sharing any sensitive personal information or user accounts with anyone else or taking any action that compromises the confidentiality of the information. Users are fully responsible for their correct and safe use of the QQ testing system.
  • Disclaimer: Customers and users should carefully read and understand the instructions for use and operation of the QQ testing system. The owner company, officials and employees disclaim any legal, moral or material liability arising from incorrect use or violation of the operating instructions.
  • Technical issues: Customers may experience technical issues while using the QQ testing system, including but not limited to Internet connection errors, server failures, or security vulnerabilities. The company disclaims legal, moral or material liability for any negative impact resulting from technical problems in the QQ testing system.
  • User Warranties: The QQ testing system is provided "as is" and without any express or implied warranties about performance, accuracy or availability (in the case of hosting the QQ system with customers in their data centers). The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage arising from the use or inability to use the QQ testing system

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